What's in Your Pool?

Since we opened our pool supply store, everything about the E-Z Clor Chemical line has been on point. From the purity of the chemicals, down to the print quality of their labels, E-Z Clor Chemicals perform well, and it shows in customer feedback. In addition to having quality products, E-Z Clor provides rebates, water sample bottles, and tons of valuable information in the form of booklets and packets to pass on to you, all for free.

Balance a man’s pool for him and you help him for a day; teach a man to balance his pool and he can keep it clean for a lifetime… ok maybe not quite what is happening here, but you get what I am saying.

Water Link Spin Photometer used for pool water test

At The Pool Boys, we provide free pool water testing using our Water Link Spin Photometer with a printout of all of your chemical levels. Our water lab also prints out exactly what E-Z Clor Chemicals you need, AND how much of each chemical is needed to bring your water back to balanced.

Having step by step instructions makes maintaining your own pool a lot less stressful. After a while of getting water tests and following the recommendations, you will start to see trends with what your swimming pool water chemistry does. You will start to recognize these trends and know what to do.

E-Z Clor, Top Quality Pool Chemicals

EZ Clor chemicals in stock at The Pool Boys store

When it comes to our selection of E-Z Clor Chemicals we have many different sizes and types, including Sanitizers, Algaecides, Balancers, Oxidizers and Supplements.


EZ Clor 3" Big Tabs Chlorine bucket

For most pools, Sanitizer means Chlorine. Like the EZ Clor Big Tabs 3” slow dissolving chlorine tablets that are used in automatic chlorinators, floaters and skimmers. Sanitizers kill harmful bacteria and are required for proper swimming pool maintenance. Sanitizer levels should be checked multiple times per week.


EZ Clor Algaecide Plus bottles

Algaecides are used to combat algae blooms in your pool. There are several different types of algaecides including metal based and non-metal based to combat the 3 main types of Algae, Black, Green or Yellow. Metals such as copper and silver are very effective in killing algae but can have serious side effects, like staining, if not used properly. 

Proper maintenance with an Algaecide like E-Z Clor Algaecide PLUS can save you a lot of time and money keeping algae out of your pool. See our store for full details.


E-Z Clor Calcium Elevator Balance supplement

Balancers encompass a few different things including alkalinity, pH, cyanuric acid, and the calcium hardness level. It is very important to maintain a balanced pool to prevent deterioration of your pool surface, damage to equipment, and most importantly to keep your swimmers safe. Some of the EZ Clor products we carry:

  • Alkalinity Up
  • PH Up
  • PH Down
  • Clor Save (Cya)
  • Calcium Elevator


Refresh + shock treatment

Oxidizers like the Refresh + Shock are used to aid sanitizers in the effort to control bacteria and algae growth. Used after heavy bather loads or rain, when chlorine is low and you have visible algae. Wait at least 15-24 hours to swim after shocking your pool.


Supplements to help sanitizers and balancers

Supplements are used in addition to your sanitizer and balancers. Supplements can help you in many different ways. Some supplements such as Metal Magnet prevent metal staining and others such as Orenda CV-700 use enzymes to decrease chlorine use and a phosphate remover to keep your phosphate levels down. Some of the more popular supplements from The Pool Boys and EZ Clor are:

Metal Magnet - A powerful combination of chelating agents for removing and controlling staining and scale discoloration. Use Metal Magnet weekly to prevent staining and scale problems from occurring.

Super Shimmer & Shine - Super Shimmer & Shine is an excellent clarifier. Add it to your pool weekly to keep your pool sparkling.

Enhanced Filter Cleaner - Soak your filter elements in Enhanced Filter Cleaner to get rid of tough dirt, grime, oils, etc. This product will increase the life and efficiency of your filter grids or cartridges.

Pool Chemical Safety Tips from E-Z Clor

  • ALWAYS follow label directions when adding any pool chemicals to the pool.
  • NEVER mix different types of chlorine.
  • NEVER mix chemicals together.
  • DO NOT use quantities in excess of the recommended dosage on the label.
  • After shock treating, you MUST wait until the free available chlorine residual is at the level recommended by the label instructions.
  • KEEP ALL CHEMICALS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Containers should always be kept closed when not in use.
  • DO NOT use contents of unlabeled containers.
  • NEVER add water to chemicals. Always add chemicals to water.
  • PROPERLY DISPOSE of all containers.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY after handling the chemicals.

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance there are many factors that come into play. Weather, bather load and outside contaminants, just to name a few. To combat these elements choose a pool chemical brand, like E-Z Clor, that will get the job done and create a safe and beautiful swimming environment for your family and friends.

We proudly sell EZ Clor Chemicals at The Pool Boys Pool Supply store at 400 Hobbs Rd. Suite 105 in League City TX. Stop on by today to get your pool water tested and computer printout telling you exactly what chemicals you need to balance your pool water.