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Polaris Polaris 380 Cleaner Most Powerful, Durable Pressure Pool Cleaner.. Product #: 200000000017 based on 0 reviews

Polaris 380 Cleaner

Product Code: 200000000017
Weight: 0.00lb
Call for Price: 832-473-5715

Powered by triple jets and a separate booster pump, the Polaris 380 is one of our most powerful, durable cleaners and is suitable for all in-ground pools.

The Polaris 380 pressure cleaner works in all in-ground pools, and requires a booster pump. It features an all-wheel, belt drive mechanism that provides greater vacuum power and faster cleaning (3 hours or less). Powered by triple jets, the Polaris 380 sweeps, scrubs and vacuums the bottom, walls and steps of the pool and holds debris in its single chamber filter bag. Its unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter, prolonging the life of your filtration system.

  • Powered by triple jets providing greater vacuum power and faster cleaning
  • Works in all in-ground pools of any size and shape
  • Sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the bottom and walls of your pool
  • Runs off separate booster pump
  • Equipped with single chamber filter bag and includes 31-feet of feed hose
  • Available in a Black Max™ Model to complement dark bottom pools

Excellent Maneuverability: Climbs walls and maneuvers over stairs, picking up large debris such as leaves, acorns and pebbles.

Maximizes Water Circulation and Filtration: Distributes heated water to the deepest parts of the pool as it cleans.

In a few hours, the 380 completely cleans the pool, giving you more time to enjoy it.

Large Capacity Zippered Filter Bag: Collects and deposits debris before it reaches the pump basket or filter, reducing filter cleanings up to 80%, thus prolonging the life of the filtration system and reducing maintenance time.

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