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Hayward Hayward Super II Pump Energy Efficient, Full Rated, High Performance Pump Series.. Product #: 200000000002 based on 0 reviews

Hayward Super II Pump

Product Code: 200000000002
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Power your system with the energy efficient, full-rated Super II pump series from Hayward® . These efficient, high performance pumps are built to last and engineered to perform even under the most demanding conditions. Convenient features include a see-through cover so pool owners know exactly when to empty the extra-large debris basket. Performance features include full-flow hydraulics that allow greater flow at a lower cost of operation and a housing design that makes it as quiet as it is dependable.

  • Super-sized 180 cubic-inch basket has extra leaf-holding capacity and extends time between cleanings. Rigid construction with load extender ribbing assures free flowing operation for heavy debris loads.
  • Easy-Thread design makes strainer cover removal easy. No tools required, no loose parts, and no clamps.
  • Lexan see-thru strainer cover lets you see when the basket needs cleaning. Test feature allows line pressure test to 40 PSI MAXIMUM.
  • All components molded of corrosion-proof glass-filled polypropylene for extra durability and long life.
  • Heavy-duty, high-performance motor with airflow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation.
  • Uni-bracket mounting base provides stable, stress-free support, plus versatility for any installation requirement. Adapts to 48 and 56 frame motors.
  • Heat resistant, industrial size ceramic seal.
  • Rugged, one-piece housing, with full-flow ports, assures rapid priming and continuous operation.
  • Totally balanced, Noryl high-head impeller provides high-volume output to accommodate even the most demanding installations, including pool/spa combinations and in-floor cleaning systems.

Service-ease design gives simple access to all internal parts. Motor and entire drive group assembly can be removed, without disturbing pipe or mounting connections, by disengaging just six (6) bolts.

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