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Tools & Misc. Accessories

Tools & Misc. Accessories

Oreq Pro Animal Vacuum Head 14"

Oreq Pro Animal vacuum head is 14" wide and weighted for optimal performance and professional results.


Oreq Deluxe Stinger Vacuum Hose 35'

Oreq Deluxe Stinger vacuum hose. 35ft in length. Deluxe Stinger is a high quality medium duty hose with excellent flexibility. Durable enough for professionals, yet light weight for the home user.


Pentair Rainbow Snap Open Leaf Trap

Specially designed for use with automatic suction-side pool cleaners or vacuum heads. Rainbow Leaf Traps capture large amounts of leaves, twigs, rocks, hair pins, and other debris before it reaches the skimmer or pump basket.


Pentair Vac Head Pro Series #188

Pentair #188 vac head, rugged polyethylene housing with enclosed weights. Adjustable solid molded wheels with stainless steel fasteners. Snap-adapt handle.


Rola-Chem Ultra Handle Hose Hanger

Ultra Handle is invaluable! Easily hang or carry vacuum hoses. Featuring a heavy-duty adjustable hook and loop closure, Ultra Handle measures 3" x 27" for hoses measuring up to 50' x 1-1/2" in diameter.


Pool Style 13" Flexible Vacuum Head

Pool Style 13" Flexible Vacuum Head is a light duty vac head that is perfect occasional cleanup of your swimming pool or spa.


Lube Tube Premium O-Ring Lubricant 1oz

1oz Tube. LubeTube is the premium O-ring lube for pool filters, pumps and other equipment. 


Lube Tube Premium O-Ring Lubricant 4oz

4oz Tube. LubeTube is the premium O-ring lube for pool filters, pumps and other equipment. Unique formula makes it ideal for all pool applications. No need to carry multiple lubricants. Truly waterproof. Non-toxic. Pool techs and pool owners love the non-sticky formula.


Boss® 315 Silicone 3oz

Boss® 315 RTV 100% Silicone Sealant. 100% Silicone rubber clear adhesive/sealant.


Pentair Floating Thermometer #133

High-quality pool and spa thermometers help deliver accurate temperature readings for greater enjoyment of recreational water.


Pooline Nylon Flex Brush 20"

20" Flexible Nylon Pool Brush. Excellent all around swimming pool brush.


Pooline Metal Back Mix Brush Nylon/SS 18"

18" Metal Back Pool Brush - Combo, Stainless Steel & Nylon Bristles