Cleaner Pumps

Cleaner Pumps, also referred to as Booster Pumps or Sweep Pumps, are the driving force behind pressure side cleaners like the Polaris 280, Polaris 380, and Polaris 3900 that are commonly seen in swimming pools. These pumps take water that is running through the system from your main circulation pump and boost it to create the pressure that drives these cleaners around.

These pumps are simple to install and simple to repair. They are standard 3/4hp and have no basket to clean or empty. If they run dry, the seal leaks and motor failure can occur. We can install most pumps the same day.


Common Problems:

  • Motor will not turn on.
  • Motor sparks and smokes when turned on.
  • Motor just hums when turned on.
  • Water leaking from under the pump.
  • Water is leaking from where the hose, or pvc line, go in or out of the pump.
  • Water is spraying out of a crack or pin hole in the front face plate.
  • A hose, or pvc line, has blown or broken off and is spraying water when system is on.
  • No pressure to drive the cleaner in the pool.

Information you can give to us:

  • A description of the issue your pump is having. If it is a leak what is the location of it?
  • Model or Manufacturer.
  • Picture.
  • Are the lines running into and out of the pump hard piped(PVC) or are they flexible hose?