Mechanical Time Clocks

Mechanical Time Clocks are the most basic way to control your inground pool equipment. They are simple to use and have less components to go wrong. These controls lack the ability to have any sort of wireless control or automation to your equipment.

The Pool Boys work on these regularly and can complete any installs or repairs for you. We can also upgrade you to more advanced systems like the Jandy Aqualink System, Hayward ProLogic System, or any other automation system to give you the advanced capabilities you may desire.

These controls are outdoors in the weather and operate using many components mixed with electricity. Things such as age, power surges or storms, improper installation, and improper use can cause a number of problems to occur.

Common Problems:

  • The dial is not turning, has been sitting at the same time.
  • No power.
  • The timer tabs have worn out and won't turn the equipment on and off.

Information you can give to us:

  • Description of the problem.
  • Model & Voltage of the time clock.
  • Picture.