Pool Plaster Resurface

The Pool Boys recommend using a quality pool finish system when it’s time to resurface your pool. Old and worn plaster can lead to a multitude of costly problems. With today’s technology and quality products on the market, you can have a long lasting pool surface that looks great, wears well and is easy to maintain. Here’s just a few of the products we recommend for our pool remodel projects.


QuartzScapes® is a formulated pool finish system featuring a precise blend of graded natural quartz aggregates, colored quartz accent stones, polymers, pozzolans, and white Portland cement. QuartzScapes® offers the beauty of an exposed aggregate finish with the longevity of quartz and the smoothness that only a small aggregate can offer. QuartzScapes® is ideal for both commercial and residential installations due to its strength, integrity, texture, color palette, and overall aesthetic appeal.

StoneScapes® is a formulated pool finish system which utilizes naturally occurring quartz pebble, specialty aggregates, high quality iron oxide pigments, and white Portland cement to create a pool finish that represents the best that mother nature has to offer, enhanced by technologies. The end result is a spectacular and long lasting pool finish.

Diamond Brite Quartz aggregate, unlike marble, is completely insoluble, even in the presence of highly corrosive acid. And by intentionally removing the highly susceptible cement paste during the exposure process, a colorful, slip resistant and extraordinarily durable surface is revealed.