Pool Supplies and Cleaners

The Pool Boys sell Pool Supplies, Maytronics Dolphin Cleaners and Maintenance Tools at our Retail Pool Supply Store located at 400 Hobbs Rd. Ste. 105, League City, TX 77573
The Pool Boys Pool Supply Store in League City, TX

Pool Supplies in League City

When The Pool Boys opened our pool supply store in 2015, we wanted to offer a large selection maintenance tools, pool chemicals, toys for the kids, you name it, we wanted to bring it to our customers! We tested many different products and started stocking several different manufacturers to provide a wide selection for our customers.

What we learned was, it doesn’t matter how cheap you mark something down… even below our own cost for an item… if there’s no demand for a product, it just costs us money and collects dust. So we’ve made some changes based on this knowledge and your feedback.

Dolphin 300i being inserted in pool

Maytronics Gold Elite Dealer

When it comes to Robotic Pool Cleaners, Maytronics Dolphin cleaners are the bee’s knees. We have had hands on experience and years of customer feedback on most robotic pool cleaners and Maytronics clearly stands out as the best.

The investment into a Robotic Pool Cleaner can be hefty, but is it really? When you compare things such as cleaning results, warranties, and failure rates between Robotics, Pressure-Side, and Suction Side Cleaners it is a night and day difference. If you aren’t familiar with the types of cleaners I just mentioned read my article on Automatic Pool Cleaner Pros and Cons to gain a better understanding of the different types of pool cleaners.

Maytronics Dolphin M-400 Demo at The Pool Boys in League City

Maytronics Dolphin Demo Program

Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Cleaners are becoming very popular. These cleaners work off of low voltage (120v AC) electricity to navigate around your pool while scrubbing and picking up debris. The cost of these cleaners tends to be higher than the traditional pressure side or suction side cleaners, however, once you factor in the cost of a booster pump, they even out. This is the reason we have a Maytronics Dolphin Demo Program that allows you to test drive one of these cleaners in your own swimming pool.

Authorized Maytronics Dolphin Warranty and Repair Center

At The Pool Boys in League City, we are equipped to diagnose and repair all types of Maytronics Robotic Cleaners. We have the training and experience to diagnose and determine which repairs are necessary to get your cleaner working again. If you are experiencing any issues bring your Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner by and let us take a look!

Free Water Testing

At The Pool Boys we use a state of the art water lab from Lamotte – the WaterLink® Spin Photometer. This lab is user friendly and greatly reduces the chance for user error when testing your pool/spa water. Water testing is a service that we provide for free to our store customers. When you test your pool water at The Pool Boys Pool Supply, you will be provided with a printout to keep in your water chemistry records.