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Free Water Testing

At The Pool Boys we use a state of the art water lab from Lamotte – the WaterLink® Spin Photometer. This lab is user friendly and greatly reduces the chance for user error when testing your pool/spa water. Water testing is a service that we provide for free to our store customers. When you test your pool water at The Pool Boys Pool Supply, you will be provided with a printout to keep in your water chemistry records.

Please remember that in order to produce accurate results we will need to test your water immediately after the sample is taken from your pool/spa. In most cases, water testing records are required in order to maintain the warranty on your pool/spa surface. We recommend testing once a month at our store and using Aquachek 4 in 1 test strips each week in between.

The Pool Boys are happy to help you find just the right chemicals to get your pool water in balance and ready for swimming. Stop by our store today!