Customer Reviews

Pool Repair

May 21 2020

Justin, the service technician was very polite and professional. He did an excellent job ( including post repair testing and cleanup which was much appreciated)... I will use The Pool Boys again for any service needs I have. I would highly recommend them (note: I was a professional Maintenance Manager for over 20 years).

Pool Heater

May 22 2020

Made a call and they were at the house in no time. I was told by another company that I needed a new heater. After 30 minutes and a few parts replaced the heater was back up and running. Great job. Call these guys before replacing major pool / spa items. Thanks again.

Storm Damage

Jun 2 2020

So glad to find a company that not only discovers problems but fixes them even if it takes more than one visit. I love that the bill can be paid on-line. I recommend this company to anyone that needs help getting their pool back in order. Thanks to The Pool Boys I am now back in the pool enjoying the relaxation as I tackle the rest of the storm damage.

Highly Recommend The Pool Boys

Jun 10 2020

I highly recommend The Pool Boys! They handled my problem in an efficient and professional manner. Justin diagnosed the issue and had us back in business fast. Really appreciated the quick response and reasonable price. Thanks The Pool Boys!

Pump Replacement

Jun 26 2020

We needed to have the pump and motor replaced on our pool. Leslie’s quoted around 2 weeks before they could even look at it. I made one call to The Pool Boys and they were out here the next day with a replacement. It was better and more efficient than what we had. This was all done at a fair price and a short amount of time. I will use them for all of my repair needs in the future!

Pool Pump Parts Replacement

Jul 28 2020

Great Service. On Time as promised. Competitive pricing. I Will call The Pool Boys for any and every repair need. And I must say they are very friendly and courteous.

Love my new IntelliConnect!

Aug 4 2020

My 20 year old pool is simple, with just a filter, pump and booster pump setup. I really wasn't looking for 'full blown' automation when my time clock finally bit the dust. I manually operated it for a few days, but finally called The Pool Boys to get a new one installed. (NOTE: I'm the web guy for The Pool Boys... so I literally had to call my customer for help!). Now I was faced with a few hundred bucks to replace 2 manual time clocks.... or add a few hundred to it, and I can control both pumps from my phone.... well I know how water stands outside at my pump pad when it rains hard here, and I know how many times over the last 6 years I've had to walk outside in the middle of the night because the time clock didn't turn off the pump. So I asked if the IntelliConnect was a sound product, had they had many issues with new installs... Zac assured me, this was a good piece of equipment at a fair price. I was in. Needless to say... Monday when I got the app set up on my phone and I manually cycled my pump on and off with the tap of my screen... I was stoked! But more importantly, the timer is now set 9 AM to 5 PM and I have a bonus freeze protection if it ever drops below 32 degrees... my pump kicks on automatically to protect the pipes from freezing! For now I just leave the booster pump set to manual control with the phone app. Thanks again Zac, Justin and the crew at The Pool Boys!!! You guys and gals ROCK!

Quick and Reliable Service

Aug 9 2020

We’ve only been using pool boys for a few months now, but all pool service, equipment replacement, and training they have provided has been with expert knowledge. Would recommend them to anyone in the local area.

Best Ever!

Aug 18 2020

Excellent, professional service. All questions answered from extremely knowledgeable and personable technician. I wouldn't hesitate to call them again.

Pool Equipment Parts Replacement

Aug 18 2020

The work was done by tech Justin. He came in changed all the equipment and redid some pipe work to make things flow a lot better. He did fast work that my equipment wouldn't be off very long his work is clean. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing pool equipment work.thanks guys.

Great Work as Always!

Oct 13 2020

Justin came and diagnosed our problem. We needed a new pump for our water feature. He found the pump (discontinued!) and installed it, fixed another problem we had with the spa and everything works great. We have been using The Pool Boys for years and highly recommend them!

Pool Repair

Oct 13 2020

Once again The Pool Boys are the guys to use time and time again. Very quick, efficient, and prices are reasonable. I highly recommend them!