How to Assemble a DE Filter Grid

This week we have a quick video from The Pool Boys owner Zac Nicklas on how to put together your DE Filter Grid Assembly. If you need to replace 1 or more of your DE Filter grids, you can follow along with the instructions below, as well as view the video for a more in-depth look at how a DE filter grid assembly goes together.

Two Methods of Assembly for DE Filters

There are basically two ways to assemble grid assemblies for most DE Filters, the Right Side Up method and the Upside Down method. Which method you use will depend on your specific model of DE Filter Grids. Today's video and images below will feature the Right Side Up method.

Right Side Up Method - (Shown in video and images below.) This method is used when the metal rods are “fixed” to the base. The base has a guide built into it showing you where the grids line up. There is one spot marked “small grid” where the partial grid goes.

Upside Down Method - (Not shown here.) Used when the rods are not fixed to the base. The rods are wobbly and can be removed by sliding them out from the base. Started by placing the top manifold on the ground and building the assembly backwards.

Starting With the Right Number of Grids

Comparison of Full and Partial Filter Grids

There are 8 grids total. 7 of the grids are called “full grids”, with 1 “partial grid”. A partial grid is smaller in width than a full grid, as shown in the picture above.

Determine Where the Small Grid Goes

 small grid closeup

The base has a built in guide to show you where the grids line up. The circle pieces indicate where the bottom center of the grid lines up. There is one circle labeled “small grid,” this is where the partial grid goes.

Installing the Grids on the Base

Installing the Grids

Start placing the grids in the designated spots, make sure the partial goes in the correct spot. Once all grids are installed, you will want to make sure they are all seated in the clips and none have slipped out.

Install the Top Guide to Line Up the Grids

install top guide to line up the grids for the manifold

If your filter has a top guide you can use it to line up the grids before you put the manifold on.

Line up the Notch Out With Pipe Inlet

align notch out with manifold pipe inlet

Put the manifold on, making sure the pipe inlet is over the notch out opening on the base.

Install and Tighten the Manifold

install and tighten manifold

Put the manifold on, making sure the pipe inlet is over the notch out opening on the base. Next put your washers and nuts on, tightening the manifold down firmly. You want to make sure the assembly is nice and tight, but be careful not to crack the manifold. You are all done putting together your grid assembly! As you can see in the picture the top manifold pipe inlet is directly over the notch out opening on the base.

If you have any questions, or need help finding parts or putting together your DE Filter or Grid Assembly, stop by the shop at 400 Hobbs Rd. #105 in League City, or drop us a note in the comments below.


Zac Nicklas,

The Pool Boys