Pool Heaters & Chillers

Pool Heaters can extend your pool season by several months, but a poorly maintained heater can be a real pain. Heater diagnosis and repair is a service that The Pool Boys excel at. Having spent many years in the field repairing and installing inground pool heaters, there aren’t many things that we haven’t seen. The Pool Boys are an Authorized Jandy and Hayward dealer. 

Pool Chillers allow you to maintain that perfect water temperature in the hottest of months here in the Gulf Coast of Texas. When you need a pool professional for service or installation, The Pool Boys are an authorized Glacier Pool Chiller dealer.

There are things to take into consideration when installing a new pool heater. Gas meter sizing, sediment traps, corrosion resistant check valves, available space, and window location to name a few. Other considerations such as the fact that a Hayward FD Series Pool Heater comes standard with a cupro-nickel heat exchanger for more durability and a longer life or the Jandy JXI for its 2’x2’ footprint for small pad spaces should be discussed. Choose The Pool Boys for your pool heater service and installation needs.

Common Problems:

  • Smell gas when heater is off
  • Smell gas heater tries to fire up but heater isn't lighting/firing up.
  • Has an error message on the display.
  • Can't control anything on the display, buttons worn down or missing
  • Heater rattles and shakes (similar to wet shoes in a dryer) shortly after lighting up.
  • Water leaking from inside of the heater.
  • Water leaking from where PVC pipes go in and out.
  • No power to the heater

Information you can give to us:

  • A good description of the problem you are having.  Ex:  "My pool heater won't work." Vs "My pool heater fires up and runs for a few minutes and then starts shaking and rattling."
  • Manufacturer, Model, Size, & Gas Type.
  • Pictures.

How to find the Manufacturer, Model, Size & Gas Type:

  • There should be a sticker label on the outside of the heater on the side that indicates the model# & serial#. There may also be a sticker label inside of the heater when you remove the front panel. If there is no label to be found pictures of the heater can help us determine the model.
If you need service on your existing Pool Heater or Chiller, or need a new heater or chiller you can call The Pool Boys at 832-473-5715 to discuss your options.