Pool Heaters & Chillers

Gas Pool Heaters are a great way to heat your spa as well as heat your swimming pool for that weekend birthday party, but a poorly maintained heater can be a real pain. We recommend turning your heater on at least once a month for 15 minutes as a part of your routine pool maintenance. This will clear out any rodents that may be starting to build a nest inside and will also ensure that all of the components are working.

Remember, poor water chemistry is one of the fastest ways to damage the copper heat exchanger in your pool heater. If you take care of your heater it will take care of you!

Heater diagnosis and repair is a service that The Pool Boys have extensive experience with. Having spent many years in the field repairing and installing inground pool heaters, there aren’t many things that we haven’t seen. Our technicians attend annual training events put on by the different manufacturers to stay up-to-date on the newest heater trends and technology. The Pool Boys are Authorized Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy dealers.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps & Chillers - Extend Your Pool Season

By the time your pool water naturally heats up to a comfortable temperature it is already getting into summer. Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are an excellent way to extend your pool season, potentially by months, and not end up breaking the bank. These units do not use any gas, but run only off electricity and draw the heat out of the air to heat your pool water. They generally take a few days to bring your swimming pool up to your desired temperature, so they are not recommended for use as a spa heater. Once the desired temperature has been reached the heat pump will maintain that temperature for a much lower monthly cost than a gas heater.

You can purchase a unit as only a heat pump or as a heat pump and chiller combo. 

Pool Chillers allow you to maintain a refreshing water temperature in the hottest of months here in the Gulf Coast of Texas. Pool chillers use refrigerant to lower and maintain the temperature of your swimming pool water. There is another unit you can use to lower your water temperature called a Glacier Pool Cooler. The Glacier Pool Cooler works by fan cooling the water as it rains down inside of the unit. 

When you need a pool professional for service or installation, The Pool Boys are an authorized Glacier Pool Cooler dealer.

Planning For Installation of a Gas Heater

Several things should be taken into consideration when installing a new pool heater. Gas meter sizing, sediment traps, corrosion resistant check valves, available space, and window location to name a few. Other considerations such as the fact that a Hayward FD Series Pool Heater comes standard with a cupro-nickel heat exchanger for more durability and a longer life or the Jandy JXI for its 2’x2’ footprint for small pad spaces should be discussed. Choose The Pool Boys for your pool heater service and installation needs.

Whether you need a complete install, or service on your existing Pool Heater or Pool Chiller, you can call The Pool Boys at 832-473-5715 to discuss your options, or drop us a note on our Contact page.