We understand that every time you have to hire a service professional, schedule an appointment, and arrange for them to access your property, it can be an inconvenience. Our On Point Checkup Pool Equipment Inspection helps identify most problems on the first trip.

This inspection process was developed over a 5 year period, and continues to be refined as new and better procedures are introduced. Here’s a list of what we check on each $120 Service Call from The Pool Boys.

Control Panel & Electrical Inspection

  • Automation System - Relays
    Check that system is activating all relays.
  • Automation System - Temp Sensor
    Check that temperature reading is normal.
  • Automation System - Actuators
    Check that actuators are rotating/responding when activated.
  • Time Clock
    Check that time clock is responding when manually triggered on/off, check that timer trippers are not loose, check that the motor gears are spinning.
  • Wire Cover
    Visual check to determine whether a wire safety cover is present, missing, or damaged.
  • Equipment Conduits
    Inspect electrical whips to and from pool equipment to the control box for breaks, cracks, or any other damage.
  • Equipment Bonded
    Visual check to make sure equipment is bonded, if bond is missing then an electrician is needed.

Mechanical and Plumbing Inspection

  • Main Pool Pump & Secondary Pool Pumps
    Inspect that pump is running smoothly and fully priming.
  • Pump Baskets
    Check basket for cracks or damage.
  • Booster Pump
    Inspect for leaks, test that it is coming on and running the pool cleaner.
  • Chiller/Cooler and/or Heat Pump
    Visual inspection for leaks and power to make sure it turns on.
  • Filter & Filter Pressure
    Visual check for leaks or any potential problems.
  • Multi-port Valve or Push-Pull Valve
    Visual check for leaks, perform one spin to ensure that the valve is turning and resealing properly.
  • Pool Heater
    Visual inspection for leaks, damage, rodents.
  • Corrosion Resistant Check Valve
    If your system has a pool heater and an inline chlorinator it is required to have a corrosion resistant check valve.
  • Salt System
    Visual check for leaks, check controls for all green light indicators, salt reading if possible.
  • In-Line Chlorine Feeder
    Visual check for leaks, open chlorinator to check for flow, check condition of lid o-ring.
  • UV Systems & Ozone Systems
    Visual check for leaks, hose condition, checking for light in “looking/viewing glass.”
  • Spa Blower
    Visual check for condition of housing, turn on/off to ensure it is functioning properly.
  • Diverter Valves
    Visual check for leaks, damage.
  • Diverter Valve Handles
    Visual check for broken safety catch tab.
  • Jandy Energy Filter
    Visual check for leaks, housing damage, or a damaged/faulty gauge.
  • Plumbing
    Visual check for leaking/damage, above ground at the equipment pad only.

General Pool Inspection Items

  • Pool Cleaner
    Visual inspection for any damage/failures such as a ripped bag or broken wheel, turn Cleaner Pump on to make sure it is working properly.
    *Note: Robotic Cleaners are not inspected unless you specifically request us to diagnose the cleaner for an additional fee.
  • Spa Side Air Button/Remote
    Manually turn on/off equipment using spa side control.
  • Lights
    Visual check to make sure they turn on/off, look for obvious water in light or light fixture coming out of the wall.
  • GFCI Light Protection
    Turn light on, trip gfci and make sure it cuts off lights, and resets properly.
  • Skimmer Lid, Skimmer Baskets, and Skimmer Weir Doors
    Visual inspection for cracks, damage, or missing pieces.
  • Main Drain Covers in Place
    Visual check that there are no drain covers missing.
  • Sticker in Box
    We place a sticker with all of our contact information in your control box in case you ever need it in the future.