Pool Pumps

The Pool Boys provide pool pump diagnosis, repair and installation services for most pool pump models. We are an Authorized Dealer for Hayward, Pentair and Jandy Pool Pumps. We can offer information to help you make a decision on which style and brand of pump will suit your wants and needs. There has recently been a trend of pool owners switching to Variable Speed Pumps to achieve a quieter pool pump coupled with great energy savings, which equals out to cash savings for you at the end of the day.

Pool Pumps & Motors

The Pool Boys pool pump installation before and after image

Pool pumps can serve several different purposes in a swimming pool system. Every pool system has, at the minimum, a main circulation pump. This pump acts as the heart of your system, circulating the water from the pool, through the filter, through any other equipment, and back to the pool. Without the main circulation pump you would end up with a stagnant body of water and eventually a swamp. Additionally you may have secondary pumps that run water features, spa jets, lazy rivers, swim jets, and a pool cleaner. Every pool system has its own unique setup.

Your main circulation pump needs to run for a minimum amount of time each day in order to properly care for your pool. Things like size of pump, size of plumbing, and gallons of pool are all taken into consideration when determining the correct amount of time to run your pool pump each day. Pool pumps consume a large amount of energy and can sometimes be costly to run for the necessary length of time. It is not recommended to shorten the amount of time that the pump runs each day in order to save money on electricity.

Technology is rapidly advancing and you can now save money on electricity by switching to a Variable Speed Pool Pump. Variable Speed Pumps (VSP) work by allowing you to customize the speeds (RPMs) and time that the pump runs. For example: Single speed pool pumps run at 3,450rpm the entire time they are running. With a VS Pump you could set it to run at 1,800rpm all morning, 2,800rpm all afternoon, and 1,200rpm all evening. This allows you to run the pump for longer periods of time and not lose control of your electricity bill. Additional benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pumps are that they generally run more quietly than single speed pumps; and the lower speed of the water flow will allow your filter to do a better job filtering the water.

Cleaner Pumps

Hayward booster pump on the left and Hayward Variable Speed pump on the right

Cleaner Pumps, also referred to as Booster Pumps or Sweep Pumps, are the driving force behind pressure side cleaners like the Polaris 280, Polaris 380, and Polaris 3900 that are commonly seen in swimming pools. These pumps take water that is already running through the system from your main circulation pump and boost it to create the pressure that drives these cleaners around.

These pumps are simple to install and simple to repair. They are standard 3/4hp and have no basket to clean or empty. If they run dry, the seal leaks and motor failure can occur. If you think your Cleaner Pump is failing, turn off the timer for the Cleaner Pump and give The Pool Boys a call to schedule service at 832-473-5715. We can install most cleaner pumps the same day of the service appointment.

The Pool Boys provide pool pump diagnosis, repair and installation services for most pump models. We are an Authorized Dealer for Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy Pool Pumps. We can offer information to help you make a decision on which style and brand of pump will suit your needs without busting your budget.
Our services apply to all types of inground pool pumps including Single Speed Pumps, Variable Speed Pumps, Booster Pumps, and Water Feature Pumps. We are also an Authorized Dealer of Hayward, Pentair, and Polaris Booster Pumps.

Pool Pump Diagnosis

Pool pumps are going to come in many different configurations from many different manufacturers. They may be different colors, have different looks, and be smaller or bigger than one another. But what they do have in common is that they all function very similar to one another. They all have two halves to them - a Wet End (often referred to as the housing) and a Dry End (the motor). There are a number of working components inside of the housing that are usually not compatible with different makes and models of pumps. Getting us whatever information you can on your pump will help ensure that we bring the correct pieces to complete the necessary repairs, or provide you with the correct part if making the repair yourself.

Common Problems:

  • Sounds like it is running but there is no water flowing through the pump.
  • Motor won't turn on, just makes a humming sound.
  • Motor turns on for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and shuts itself off.
  • Motor is tripping the breaker.
  • Water leaking from underneath of the pump.
  • Water is spraying out from the pump.
  • Water is leaking from where the plumbing comes out of the pump.
  • Water shoots out of the lid when pump turns off.

Information you can provide:

  • A good description of the issue your pump is having. If it is a leak where is the location of it?
  • Model or Manufacturer of the pump.
  • Are the lines running into and out of the pump hard piped(PVC) or are they flexible hose?

When you need a professional pool repair technician to diagnose and repair the problem, give The Pool Boys a call at 832-473-5715 today to setup your appointment, or contact us for questions or more information.