The other equipment in your pool system is often overlooked when listing the benefits of a clean filter. The dirtier your filter is, the harder your pump has to work to circulate the water which can result in overworking the pump and lead to pump seal leaks and occasionally burning up the motor. The bottom line is, if you properly maintain your pool filter you will avoid potentially expensive and unnecessary repairs.

A proper filter cleaning requires the entire filter to be disassembled and each individual filter element to be thoroughly cleaned. While we are doing this our technicians will closely inspect the filter and elements for any failures such as cracks, tears, or missing pieces. This applies mainly to D.E. and Cartridge Pool Filters. Any issues will be brought to the homeowners attention immediately.

Here’s a breakdown of the 2 types of Filter Cleaning Services offered by The Pool Boys.

Cartridge Pool Filter Cleaning Service

Cartridge style filter before and after cleaning

Cost: $165

Standard Maintenance Frequency: Every 6 Months

Cleaning Process:

  1. Break down filter and Remove manifold and cartridges
  2. Hose down each individual cartridge and Inspect each individual cartridge for cracks, broken bands, loose/disconnected bands
  3. Remove filter tank drain plug, drain and rinse if necessary
  4. Put cartridges back in filter and put manifold back on
  5. Inspect and lube o-rings
  6. Put filter back together and tighten tank clamp
  7. Prime pump and bleed air out of the filter
  8. Inspect for leaks

D.E. Pool Filters

DE style filter clean before and after

Cost: $165

Standard Maintenance Frequency: Every 6 months with backwashing in between

Cleaning Process:

  1. Break down Filter, remove grid cluster and disassemble
  2. Lean grids along fence or wall and Hose off grids on both sides and Rinse manifold
  3. Inspect each individual grid and the manifold for any tears, cracks, or failures
  4. Remove filter tank drain plug, drain and rinse if necessary
  5. Reassemble grid cluster and put back into filter
  6. Check and lube o-rings
  7. Put filter back together and tighten tank clamp
  8. Prime pump, Bleed air out of filter, Inspect for leaks
  9. Add fresh D.E. through skimmer

The Pool Boys are experienced and trained in how to properly maintain and care for your swimming pool filter. If you are in need of a Filter Cleaning Service, and the above directions don’t sound like a weekend of fun, then give our office a call at 832-473-5715, or contact us to schedule a Filter Cleaning Service today.

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