Automation & Control Systems

The most common way to manage your inground pool equipment is with a pool automation system. These systems can range in price from under a thousand dollars up to several thousand dollars. They can be entry level like the Jandy Aqualink System to elite like the Hayward OmniLogic System.

These systems are outdoors in the weather, and operate using many components mixed with electricity. Things such as age, power surges or storms, improper installation, and improper use can cause a multitude of problems to occur. The Pool Boys have years of experience in the field installing, repairing, and upgrading these systems.

Common Problems:

  • No power to the system.
  • The light for the Filter Pump(or any other equipment) shows that it is on but the pump is not on.
  • Pump(or any other equipment) will not turn off.
  • The air or water temperature that is displayed is extremely higher/lower than the actual temperature.
  • All lights are lit up.
  • Can't read the display.
  • System is turning things on and off by itself.

Information can you give to us:

  • Manufacturer & Model
  • Pictures
  • A good description of the issue you are having.