Valves & Plumbing

There are many different issues that can occur with the valves and plumbing on an inground pool system. Things such as air leaks, water leaks, spas draining, and clogged lines or valves are typical problems.

Commonly used valves are the Jandy 2way Valves, Jandy 3way Valves, and Jandy Check Valves; Hayward, Pentair, Custom Molded Products, and Waterway also make their own version of these valves. Although we don’t do any underground plumbing repair, or leak detection, our technicians pride themselves in their ability to find and fix problems with valves and above ground plumbing issues.

Common Problems:

  • Valve- Water leaking from valve.
  • Valve- Water leaks from valve immediately after the pump is shut off.
  • Spa Check Valve- Spa water level goes down after pump is off all night.
  • PVC Plumbing- Plumbing is leaking.
  • PVC Plumbing- Plumbing has cracked, or broken/blown off, causing water to spray everywhere.
  • PVC Plumbing/Union- Water leaking from union.
  • Actuator(Valve Motor)- Is stuck and wont turn or do anything.
  • Actuator(Valve Motor)- Turning 360 degrees.

Information you can give us:

  • Pictures.
  • A good description of the leak's location. Is it a drip? Or is it spraying water all over?
  • Determining whether the spa is draining while the pool is off overnight, or if it is draining while the pump is on, can help us determine whether the problem you are experiencing is with a check valve or an actuator.