Backwash Valves

Backwash Valves are mounted to the pool filter and are used for multiple things. Most commonly is “backwashing” and “wasting" water from your pool. Backwash Valves are used on D.E. and Sand Filters, but not on Cartridge Filters.

Hayward, Jandy, and Pentair all have their own models of these valves which we can repair and/or replace as needed. The Pool Boys will help you locate and diagnose any problems that are occurring with your Backwash Valve. Whether it is a Push-Pull or Multiport, our techs will know what needs to be done to handle the problem if needed.

Common Problems:

  • Water leaking from handle, plug, or sight glass.
  • Losing water out of backwash line.
  • Can't turn (or push/pull) handle.

Information that you can give us:

  • Style of the valve - Is it a push/pull or a multi-port valve?
  • Manufacturer & model

How to find the Manufacturer & Model:

  • On the label of the valve there will be a model name or number that will identify to us which valve you have. If the label is no longer visible a picture will help to narrow it down. Also if you know the information on your filter it can help determine which valve you have.

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