It is awesome to watch the pool industry finally start to make big advances in the technology world.

Pentair’s new Intellivalve Actuator now makes it possible for pool owners and pool professionals to adjust the actuators without having to disassemble the unit and mechanically adjust the valve cams; saving frustration and time.

A huge advancement in technology with only a slight advancement in cost when compared to a standard valve actuator, coming in around $40-$50 more.

The revolutionary IntelliValve Valve Actuator lets you set just the right flow for water features. Its intuitive controls and LED position indicator lights make operation fast and push-button easy. Thirteen (13) bright LEDs provide a clear visual indication of the valve position from fully open to fully closed and everywhere in between. Simply use the left/right and Save buttons to set the perfect flow rate in just seconds.

Pentair Intellivalve Valve Actuator

Intellivalve Features

  • Thirteen (13) LEDs give precise, easy-to-read indication of valve position
  • Built-in interface allows quick and simple setup of water flow
  • Minimalist design is compact and fits easily with any equipment pad.
  • Sealed, maintenance-free design is weatherproofed for maximum reliability and extended service life.
  • Suitable for 1.5", 2", 2.5" and 3" valve sizes
  • 24-volt operation for use with standard automation systems
  • 750mA max amp draw
  • Adjustable in 3.75-degree increments within the maximum 180-degree swing
  • UL Certified

Download Intellivalve Brochure

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