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Cleaning My Pool by Mistake

Oct 29 2021

Late last year the guys were cleaning my pool when they should have been at a neighbors house. This is how I discovered The Pool Boys. After the freeze in Feb., they installed a new filter for me and just recently serviced it. Glad they made the mistake and even happier that I called and did business with them. Justin is first class and knows what he is doing. I bet this time next year they'll need even more help . All my friends with pools have been told about them.

I Won't Use Anyone Else!

Oct 15 2021

Since we have a fiberglass saltwater pool and do love it I had no idea it would be so difficult finding a pool company equipped to work on these. Justin is knowledgeable and reliable. Leah their office manager is also very knowledgeable as well. Thank you The Pool Boys

Pool Heater Replacement

Oct 9 2021

Great work on replacing our old pool gas heater. On time and on budget. Professional job done by professional people. I’ve used The Pool Boys for years and have always been satisfied with their work.

Count on Them

Sep 24 2021

These guys are always my go to pool experts. Use them for all my requirements. Count on the honest and courteous work they have done for me over the years.

Best Service Ever!

Sep 12 2021

I have been using The Pool Boys for about a year. They have the best service and the most knowledgeable staff! Leah always answers the phone when I call, and if I call and hang up, she sees my phone number and calls me back! Justin is outstanding with his knowledge and can-do attitude. He knows pool equipment better than any company I have ever used. He repaired all my broken pipes from the freeze. They price their parts and labor for repairs very reasonable. Justin’s repair work is the best I have ever seen. Leah is also very knowledgeable and tries to help over the phone. They are also excellent about working you in sooner than your appointment if they can. Friendly professional service!

I Trust Them Completely

Sep 3 2021

I’ve used The Pool Boys for a while now. I was never completely comfortable with other companies’ representatives. The Pool Boys always take the time to explain everything thoroughly and provide options and opinions when needed. They seem to know everything about pools. I won’t use anyone else now. Highly recommend.

So Knowledgeable

Sep 3 2021

Fixed a mistake by the person who replaced a valve after the freeze. Had it in backwards and Justin recognized it immediately. Did a great job installing a chlorinator as well. Much better than what I had that wasn't working. I hope I can get on their weekly maintenance schedule.

Glad I made the switch to The Pool Boys

Aug 27 2021

I have been using The Pool Boys for about a year now and they have been fantastic. They are prompt in returning phone calls, replying to emails and keeping customers informed. Prior to the "Winter Storm," they sent out an email explaining what customers needed to do, to minimize/prevent any damage. I followed their detailed instructions and had no issues. This is the way it should be done. I have never had to follow up on any scheduled visits, or service calls. I highly recommend them!

Service Call

Aug 27 2021

Just a quick thank you! I called The Pool Boys to service my spa heater. Justin, the services technician called to advise he could arrive early, if it were convenient (of course it was). upon his arrival he quickly identified the issue and gave a reasonable quote. I had some "pool" questions, which he took the time to answer and gave tips and tricks which were appreciated and helpful. Justin and The Pool Boys were honest, fast, and went the extra mile, which we all know is not the "norm" in business anymore. Thank you for you outstanding service.

Great Crew at The Pool Boys

Aug 24 2021

I'm the owner of my third swimming pool. I have gone through many pool repair and service companies over the years but The Pool Boys is the best! They are honest, competent, courteous and on time. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

Pump Replacement

Jul 18 2021

my 25+ year pump fractured and had to be replaced. Due to their large workload, they couldn't replace it for 2 weeks. They gave me a referral to try but the timing was about the same. I waited, and glad I did. Their work was professional and fast. Pump is working great.

Excellent in every way

Jul 17 2021

Wow! Justin came, diagnosed the problems, fixed them in short order. The pool looks clear and the water looks almost drinkable. This was the best, most efficient, and most fairly priced pool service I have ever gotten and I have had this pool for over 50 years. From now on, The Pool Boys will be my Pool Boys.