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5 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pool Repair Company

Justin testing a heater control unit in the field

Your swimming pool equipment is broken and it’s time to hit the world wide web in search of a solution. A quick search will yield tons of results; pool companies are a dime a dozen. How do you decide who to bring into your backyard? Keep in mind this person will be working with electricity, gas, water, or all of the above.

As certified pool industry professionals, we have put together what we believe to be the top 5 things that consumers should be looking for when hiring a professional pool repair company.

Is It Time For a Pool Heater Checkup?

rat infested pool heater needs service

As summer comes to an end, heater season is fast approaching, have you tested your heater lately?

Let’s play out a common scenario that we see every year. The party is tomorrow but it’s gonna be a little cooler. Just fire up the pool heater early in the morning to heat the pool right? Not always. Too often we get that urgent call about a pool heater.

Cleaning Your Pool Filter Cartridges

Cleaning Your Pool Filter Cartridges

Cleaning your filter is necessary for the proper care of your swimming pool & spa. This service should be performed at least two times a year, sometimes more depending on your geographical location and overall maintenance. Check out this week’s video from The Pool Boys for a quick walk through on cleaning and replacing your filter cartridges. The screenshots below also give you quite a bit of information on how to get the task done without any issues.

Pentair Intellivalve Valve Actuator

Pentair Intellivalve Valve Actuator

It is awesome to watch the pool industry finally start to make big advances in the technology world.

Pentair’s new Intellivalve Actuator now makes it possible for pool owners and pool professionals to adjust the actuators without having to disassemble the unit and mechanically adjust the valve cams; saving frustration and time.

How to Assemble a DE Filter Grid

How to Assemble a DE Filter Grid

This week we have a quick video from The Pool Boys owner Zac Nicklas on how to put together your DE Filter Grid Assembly. If you need to replace 1 or more of your DE Filter grids, you can follow along with the instructions below, as well as view the video for a more in-depth look at how a DE filter grid assembly goes together.

Is Your Pool Ready for Summer?

Cleaning debris from a pool requires proper tools

Announcing the Ready for Summer Checklist from The Pool Boys.

We know getting your pool ready for summer can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together an easy to follow checklist to get your pool back in shape.

The Pool Boys retail store in League City offers a full line of pool maintenance equipment, supplies and chemicals to make your life easy. And if something comes up that you can’t handle yourself, give us a call at 832-473-5715 to schedule weekly pool maintenance or equipment repair.

We went ahead and made a handy PDF version to download and print for your own use. Hope this helps get your pool ready for Summer!

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